Our [American] foreign policy and *free trade* deals make us less safe, take away our human rights, and destroy our environment; while our drone assassinations breed more *terrorists* than we can possibly kill. And all of this is done to benefit whom exactly? Oh yeah, the 0.01%.

Our righteous indignation about these facts threatens the establishment within both major political parties. They will do everything possible to shut us down; it is up to us to continue this conversation or their media and their police will end it. The results of your vote for Obama show it is not enough to vote once every four years and then sit back and hope for change to happen. These parties don’t have your best interests at heart; and now they present you with a choice: keep things the way they are, or let a racist madman piss off everyone with ears to hear. This binary is completely unacceptable in a supposed *democracy*: voting against someone, rather than voting for a vision of a new society, is no way to have to vote. Yet nowhere do I see anyone talking seriously about ending all war, offering universal health care and education, returning sanity and ethics to finance and business, cleaning up our toxic habits, and restoring health to our environment. And no, not even Bernie could pull this off even if he wanted to, which he doesn’t.

But we are connected now in ways we never had access to before. Consciousness is being raised, awareness is dawning, hearts are opening, and business as usual is over. Standing for justice and truth takes place in community, in our streets, in everyday interactions, and not just from behind this computer screen or even in the voting booth. When Bernie calls for a political revolution “we take it with a grain of salt because it’s being broadcast on CNN but he is right. Any new President can never be the solution, we know that, right?” But we demonstrate complicity through our inaction, reveal our values by how we spend our time and our money…and change the world by manifesting our love for each other and for this Earth. Our lives depend upon this love that we feel and the ways in which we express it; a love contained is a love denied. It must be given to be manifest, to work its magic. And in the end, love is only ever the answer; again, love is only ever the answer. To every problem we face. You know that, right?

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  1. Paul Heft says:

    Derek, you might want to submit this to They publish some good stuff.

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