Why Can’t I…

God looked down on me from high above in the night sky

cleverly disguised as the Moon

and began throwing chunks of guilt that would kill me if they touched me

and missing.

But God knew where I was vulnerable…

“Why me?” I cried out…I’m a good person!

I don’t pollute wells or burn coal or drag the ocean bottom

For a few measly fish

And who could know the coral down there was so vital to human survival?

We couldn’t know that the bees were more critical to growing our food

Than the chemical wonders of fertilizers and herbicides.

Or that bees would be so sensitive to toxic pesticides.

(Using them wasn’t my idea!)

“Look around, open your eyes” was all God said.

And I knew what he was referring to.

I didn’t have to look to see the dying people

To see the dying environment; yes, the dying was all around

To see even the dying love.

I know, we know, how this all ends.

Why me? Why can’t I just…just…you know,

Just live like this isn’t a big deal?

Just live like what I do doesn’t make a difference?

Just live like I don’t understand?

Just live like I still love?

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