War Criminal

Many people on the left in America have called ex-President G.W. Bush, and others in his military hierarchy, war criminals in part because of their use of torture in their *War of on Terror*, and partly due to their unilateral invasion of Iraq in 2003, based on fabrications and lies. This topic has been in the news recently, as activists attempt to get former Vice President Cheney arrested for his war crimes when he visits Toronto later this year. It has not been uncommon for members of the audience to shout, “War Criminal!” at public events where these people are being paid to speak, or to stand and turn their back on the speaker as a show of disrespect.

   I applaud these efforts, but we have not gone nearly far enough. For indeed, it is a fact that G.W. Bush is no longer committing crimes against humanity; we can do little other than punish him and his cronies, which we should do immediately. But even graver, and greater, crimes are occurring today; and they are ordered by none other than the darling of the left, and winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, current President Barack Obama. In particular, the drone assassination campaign bears our disgust and our anger. A repellant policy that brooks no *legal* or *Constitutional* restraint, members of our military decide, based on video or photographs taken from the skies over sovereign foreign nations by invading U.S. unmanned aerial vehicles, who shall live and who shall die. Striking with missiles and quickly justifying murder under the guise of *killing terrorists*, we rain death and destruction on innocent civilians and call that *homeland security*. Never mind that it in fact makes us less secure: for every innocent killed ten turn against us and begin to act and pray to level revenge on America for our crimes. Never mind that one does not have to be actively plotting against America to be labeled a militant: simply being male and between the ages of 14 and 65 is all that is required to die.

   It should be evidence too, in this public indictment for war crimes, that the sitting President is pleased with his actions and seemingly unrepentant:

“According to the new book “Double Down,” in which journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann chronicle the 2012 presidential election, President Barack Obama told his aides that he’s “really good at killing people” while discussing drone strikes.”

   Is he bragging, merely insensitive, or a sociopath? Drone strikes have killed thousands in numerous countries; striking women and children as often as men. Drones have attacked weddings, funerals, birthday parties, even a Town Meeting, arranged with the Pakistani military’s blessing and held in the open air so that drones could see the people attending were no threat to America. They have killed American citizens, including a teenage boy, without due process of law or even any charges being brought before a Grand Jury. Drones have killed the same people multiple times, if you believe the official accounts of particular strikes. And possibly as a way to avoid this type of discrepancy in the future, Obama has lately been pursuing a policy known as *signature strikes*: a tactic by which targets are chosen based on *patterns of suspicious behavior* and the identities of those to be killed aren’t even known and certainly can’t be released. More scandalous than even killing people you haven’t, or can’t, identify, is the now-routine tactic of the *double tap*. Does this sound like the America you love and cherish: a missile strike is made, and then five or ten minutes later the same location is stuck again; the second time, rescuers and family members are the targets, not the militants killed or injured in the first attack. We used to condemn this tactic when used by others; now it’s just another day on the joystick at the office for American drone operators, often sitting thousands of miles from the *battleground*.

   It is time we call for impeachment of President Obama and to place him on trial for war crimes. I know that most people have trouble believing that this is necessary; let me repeat. Impeach President Obama and place him on trial for war crimes. It is the only humane step we can take: to stop American businesses from profiting from the death of civilians by selling the arms of war, to save thousands of innocent lives, and to return the United States to living under the rule of human rights and laws which Obama has forsaken. War Criminal! War Criminal! War Criminal!

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