Blame it on G. W. if you want but…

Blame it on G. W. Bush if you want, and the WMD debacle or the clear lies about September 11, or you can go even further back into the long history of false-flag operations. But the fact remains that no one in their right mind can believe it now when our government says *just trust our intelligence services*. Before any action in Syria, there must be proof laid before the public that points to the perpetrator. There are too many anomalies in the press reports to take the U.S. word for this. Telling us we can’t know the details because it might compromise our intelligence gathering techniques is not a sufficient excuse for hiding the reason so many innocents will die as a result of our attack.
The cynics will say that Obama needs to save face; having drawn the line, there must now be a consequence. This assumes Assad is the perp, a claim as yet unproven. Where did the rocket likely come from? Why are all of the casualties civilians rather than army personnel from either side? Does no one remember that the rebel forces have already used gas on numerous occasions this year? One might legitimately question the role of corporations in this decision; the military-industrial complex has got to be fishing for another conflict that will burn up expensive arms, and it is already seeing fewer profits as Iraq and Afghanistan come to a close. And who are these rebels, anyway? Are we really arming al-Qaida, just in Syria and not Pakistan or Afghanistan? Why must we keep sticking our noses into the Middle East when our influence there is minimal except for the hundreds of billions of dollars we pour into the coffers of the oil magnates and royal families? See, I’ve answered my own question: if not for the oil, we would not be having this discussion, just like we have ignored other uses of gas on civilian populations we did not care about.
And finally, the one that most Americans refuse to face: how can we, the only country to use nuclear weapons (and for no reason other than to frighten the Soviet Union at that) on a civilian population play policeman against others who use WMDs? There again, we’ve used cluster bombs, and depleted uranium munitions, and Agent Orange, and white phosphorous; I think I better stop listing our own war crimes before I get picked up by the secret police. As long as we can keep writing our own history books, we don’t need to face these symptoms of our vast and nearly complete moral decline.
Any strike we can possibly make that has any impact on Assad will only do what we say we are against: kill innocent non-combatants. Haven’t we killed enough this century already?

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