Update: Real Thoughtcrime

Another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place, and the emerging picture is not pretty. In my previous post, I detailed how the authorities, be they government or corporate, have moved from wanting to know everything (total information awareness) into being able to capture our lives through many and varied data points (total information storage, TIS). I speculated:
Whether it is 1, 5, 10 or 20 years from now, computer hardware and algorithms will continue to advance until the data gathered in TIS will be able to be processed in all its detail with the result that citizens can and will be arrested for *crimes* they have only thought about, or written about, or speculated about in their conversations.”
This latest piece in the puzzle that is total information processing, the third and final stage of this ongoing evolution of state power and control, shows that my estimate of 20 years is far-fetched. The one or five-year estimate is far more likely. Here’s a quote from an article written by Mat Honan in the June 2013 issue of Wired magazine:
Google Now, for example, combines your location with the wealth of data the company knows about you to, say, automatically pop up your boarding pass at the airport. Or display directions to your hotel when you land. It would be creepy were it not so helpful.” [emphasis added]
So we see that the engineers at Google (to name only one company) are hard at work writing the very algorithms that can predict behavior and facilitate processing all the petabillions of data points already collected and stored. To think that the surveillance state is unaware of these ongoing efforts is naive. We are days, weeks or months away from a system that will lead to arrests for thoughtcrime. In fact, as Mr. Snowden has yet to reveal something that is not already public record, it could well be that he is just a smokescreen meant to distract us from having the real conversation we need right now: how do we stop this machine now that it is so close to its goal of preventive detention? We are being played, my friends; the lure of quick and easy access to data in our own lives is but a mask that covers the face of our real enemy: state and corporate domination and control.
And trust me on this: I will never commit suicide, no matter what stories you may be told.

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