Boston and Tactics

The big lesson from the events in Boston the past week centers on the reaction of the common person to the demands of power. Collapse in America will not be sudden; the end of empire will come slowly, locale after locale: sometimes due to an attack by Mother Earth, *earthquake hurricane tornado flood tsunami blizzard*; sometimes due to authority leveraging fear to such an extent the population is rendered immobile or flees; sometimes due to the capitalist beasts being so greedy that a given local economy is so devastated by layoffs or automation that it no longer offers enough affordable food or shelter to sustain life. When a militia can freeze a large city into inactivity on some pretext, be it legitimate or not, without rousing the people to *protest disobey revolt* then we deserve our fate. If we are so distracted by the media or our tech toys that we acquiesce to the end of our freedom then we are as culpable as the ones who give the orders. If we are so cowed by fear of the other that we no longer recognize, with true love and compassion, our common connection and interdependence then we are entitled only to reap the resulting dysfunction. The point here is that if you are expecting a space to be cleared by a collapse, sudden and soon, for building a new system then you will be disappointed. Waiting will only deepen our suffering and prolong our reconstruction. We have to act, now.
Yet 2013 is taking us down the road of collapse faster than ever. In NYC, touted in sustainability circles as the prototype for a *smaller per capita ecological footprint*, we see a 16 year-old gunned down and thousands of riot police stationed in his neighborhood to quell our protests and syphon our resistance into their jail using stop-and-frisk. We see entire neighborhoods that were devastated by Superstorm Sandy in late 2012 failing to find the resources needed to rebuild. We saw, in the immediate aftermath of that storm, an inability of government to care for our neediest citizens. What we ignore is that NYC can only survive by taking resources from other parts of the world; *domination exploitation unsustainable disagreeable disingenuous* to use many other words to describe the process by which a city sustains itself since it has no land left of its own to use for that purpose. We see some/most large depositors take a bath in Cyprus but not all, since the highest-net-worth depositors that have access to the London branch, available to those with the means to travel and which never did close, withdrew millions of Euros to escape the unexpected tax. We see the Fed effectively admit they haven’t been good stewards of Germany’s gold mere weeks before the most blatant of gold price manipulations aims to sour the average investor on this investment, bringing down the cost for governments or central banks to restock their vaults and lessen the damage done by rehypothecation of the yellow stuff. We see the inability of Americans to understand that gun control is just another distraction; that gun violence is but a symptom and not a cause, and that there are already so many guns available that all controls imposed now will only apply to the lawful anyway. We see Japan blatantly announce their intention to debase the yen, a confession greeted with a jump in the American stock market since it is seen as making the dollar stronger. We see typical bubble behavior as the common man is told nightly that the stock market is the only place for the average investor to be investing even as corporate profits are all-time highs and their taxes are at all-time lows. We see teachers who earn in a year what hedge fund managers make in an hour and at a lower tax rate. We see 11 million on food stamps in 2005 swell to 50 million in 2012. We find it possible to forecast the end of life on earth but cannot discuss the end of capitalism. We can envision thousands of drones over your city, equipped with *cameras missiles tranquilizers gas* but can’t protest being stopped in the streets to show our papers to armed men. We are being surveilled at every turn, yet transparency of government and business has never been less, nor have so many whistleblowers ever gone to prison. We are not told by the mainstream propaganda machine that the gap between rich and poor is widening, the prices we pay for food and energy go up as our wages go down, and the planet is dying as KXL continues to be built in the face of direct yet nonviolent actions. For any of these trends to reverse requires an event or change in consciousness that we have yet to see; in other words, what we are doing is not working.
Hence the title of this: TACTICS. We have yet to hit upon the strategy that wins even the smallest of battles with the established power centers of business and military-styled policing. Think about this: we have been taught from before we can remember to value someone else’s *property* more than their rights. We see how the President is now allowed to assassinate citizens at will; yet the same citizen’s property can be taken by government or bank fiat, because their rights to your property exceed your own. Contrast this with what we were taught in school: one of the most prized moments of direct action in the War of Independence that founded this country was the Boston Tea Party; and that was an action focused on property destruction as a way to send a message to our overlords of the day. Some say today we should only use tactics of nonviolence; and this nonviolence is construed to also mean protection of others’ property. Yet if you have ever faced, as I have, a moment, or a day, or a week in which you were forced to face the death of your child, then you can understand this: when everything you value is on the line, and you seek a miracle to save the only thing that matters, property ain’t it. The fact that capitalism leads participants to value property over life makes that their Achilles Heel. As the endgame plays out, that might just be the Ace that, when pulled, brings this house of cards tumbling down. Don’t think for a moment that we can shop our way out of this; there is no way that so-called *green* consumption leads to a sustainable world. Even that electric car that you’ve been sold comes with a raft of problems: it still requires oil to mine the raw materials, to transport them to a refinery, for the manufacturing and transport of the parts to the place of assembly, and for the transportation of the finished vehicle to the showroom where you can pick it out from all the pretty models on display. And in the case of an electric vehicle there are more issues: the batteries require toxic metals that are often mined using mountaintop removal techniques, and that must be replaced in short order, and that if plugged into an outlet for recharging that gets its electricity from a coal-fired power generator is actually worse than driving a petrol-powered unit. Understand that everything you are told by media is meant to increase your consumption of something that brings benefit to corporations and banks. The words *green sustainable organic safe* have no meaning in the context of ending ecocide…they only exist to get you to buy into the system. Get out of the economy, turn off the TV, stop paying off credit, and support others who are already doing these things.
A small minority sees no problems in the preceding paragraphs. They revel in this paradigm and will do anything to see it continue. The vast majority of people think the system has problems, yes, but nothing that can’t be fixed by a few more *rules regulators penalties movies*. They believe that we can revise the system with *bandaids ducttape the-next-iPad* and make it all better. But a few awakened souls see that it is the system, more than any particular law or action, which must change if we have any chance at saving life as we even remotely know it today. We see that revolt is the only way off the slippery slope that leads to extinction. Every bit of your life is founded on oil, which comes from someone else’s land. Until you rebel against this tyranny of oil the rest of this won’t matter. And continuing to buy oil for your lifestyle is only facilitating your own demise. Oil brings you your iPad as surely as it fouls our nest. People living in cities make us easier to control and continues this violent, exploitative model of economics. What did you do after Deepwater Horizon to lessen your demand for the black liquid? Are you with our Earth or against it? It’s time to choose sides, and do something.

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  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Exxon prefers to see the cup as half full…

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