Let’s see if I can broach this subject in a manner that allows you to keep reading, and not dismiss me as “just another nutcase”. The events of September 11, 2001, have had the largest impact in America during subsequent years of anything that has happened this century. I say this even in light of the 2008 financial crisis; the ramifications of that huge event have yet to be fully realized, leaving open the possibility that 9-11 may soon fall to second place. My own personal “HOP Value” is about as high as it can be; HOP standing for “Happened On Purpose”. Everyone falls somewhere on the spectrum, from a HOP value of zero: “I believe everything the government said: 19 hijackers, debris brought down WTC 7, some guy who could hardly get a Cessna off the ground managed a direct hit on the Pentagon in a plane that completely burned up…”; all the way to a HOP value of ten: “9-11 was an inside job”. Now, inside job in my opinion does NOT mean that GWB was calling the shots; rather, that there was a plot, and the plotters placed (or originated from) people in strategic positions in the military and government, able to use exercises and normal, routine events (like elevator maintenance) as cover for their insidious schemes. There are entirely too many unanswered questions about what happened that day. You could be forgiven for not knowing much about them; certainly the mainstream media has done a very poor job (on purpose, one might imagine) of questioning the official line. But here we are, eleven years later; why should we continue to care, repeating endless calls for an independent investigation? Precisely because 9-11 has had such a devastating impact on the American way of life, that’s why. We do in fact live in a different world because of the actions our government took following that infamous day. I contend that for the most part, these actions are heinous and immoral, and beyond any doubt contrary to the freedom and democracy that I thought existed in this country.

What are some of the ways our lives are different now? Besides the obvious, two wars later and tens of thousands of American lives lost or forever maimed, and millions of lives lost in other countries, here is a partial list of impacts arising out of the ashes of that cloudless September morn:



  • “War on Terror” is a cardboard cutout obscuring the use of the “Shock Doctrine” in America, and hiding the ever-expanding American hegemony around the globe. The Patriot Act, hundreds of pages detailing a myriad of ways our freedoms have evaporated as if so much steam, was just the beginning. Obviously already prepared and awaiting an event of sufficient magnitude that the American people would have little choice, given their comatose state brought on by consumerism and shallow infotainment, but to acquiesce out of fear to being stripped of constitutional protections. The slumber continues today even as the newly-signed NDAA subjects activists to oppression and the President manages a kill-list from the Oval Office decidedly not open to legal scrutiny or objection. We recently heard the government announce it is beginning a “War on Drugs” on the African continent: training and equipping police forces in most African nations to further the fight against this scourge… or a way to project hard power and place American expertise in the hands of those who seek to protect American economic interests on the last continent with cheap labor?
  • Eroded liberty, increased control of the people. Facial recognition is going live at a retail level even as NYC and Microsoft band together to use it in tandem with existing surveillance cameras throughout the city. Drones monitor and record, autonomously and in real-time, all emanations from mobile devices over an entire city. Those who don’t understand the implications of this will be among the first to fall victim to it; those who do are powerless to do anything about it other than stay indoors and off the air. In both cases, our behavior is controlled in new and slippery ways.
  • Distractions prevent citizens from being aware of what is going on. Check and find out what celebrities are fighting, what they are eating, and what they are buying. But heaven forbid a news site should convey information about what is actually happening in our world that affects our lives. How do movies and television shows reinforce the American sense of entitlement, of individual exceptionalism, of the “fact” that America cannot lose, and that the future can only be brighter than it is today? How many cartoon heroes were stars of blockbuster movies in the last year? Four or five, at least. In the Aurora shooting (July 2012) did your heart cry out when you learned that the youngest victim was 6-years old? Did you question what a 6-year old was doing at a midnight showing of that violent caricature of everyman-as-hero?
  • Citizens who question are ignored or ostracized. Thank you for reading this far; most people clicked away at the first mention of HOP value. I suspect that you also have felt the stigma attached to questioning the official hallucination surrounding 9-11; the friends who roll their eyes and quickly change the subject, or worse. We can only plant seeds and hope that one day, enough of them will have sprouted that something will change.
  • Lying government has become institutionalized. It is so bad that during the current Presidential campaign, both major party candidates lie, to the media and the people, with impunity. When called on it, they shrug and repeat the lie. That is a technique first named by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels: repeat a lie often enough and it becomes true. No one can accept anything they are told by any government official or worker at face value; there is always a subtext and a need to “protect the people” who “can’t handle the truth”. This points to the ultimate crime of Wikileaks: once it can be proven beyond doubt that the government lies, nothing it says can ever be believed. State Department cables prove that enough of what government tells the public is untruthful that we cannot trust anything we are told.
  • Secrecy has increased under cover of war. The number of documents now classified is at least an order of magnitude greater than before 9-11: a lack of transparency cannot be a good thing if you value truth.
  • Entrapment and government action is increasingly used as a tool. Prime tools include infiltration and instigation: drugs and guns, in general lead the list; “Fast and Furious” (gunrunning into Mexico by the US government) is just one particular example. Under the sham of “fighting terror”, the only “terrorists” being arrested are those whom law enforcement has enticed into a plot devised by the government agents, not by the supposed terrorists. Undercover activities have long been a staple of police work; the slippery slope now sees them not only watching, but hatching plots. Where does it stop? As hard- as it is to believe, if the CIA is willing to work with and fund al-Qaida operatives in Syria in 2012, it’s not a big leap to see the CIA using false-flag ops to instigate war in Iraq and Afghanistan using al-Qaida as patsies in 2001.
  • We see the increasing sophistication of using exercises as cover for plots. Note that in London, the day of the subway bombings there, a scenario was being run that involved multiple subway bombings. Note that on 9-11, NORAD was running a scenario involving simultaneous, multiple airplane hijackings. In a world of security where information is compartmentalized, where data is shared on a “need to know” basis, running a training exercise that inserts false information into the system allows participants to take actions, in real-time and using real equipment and procedures, that would appear to any who observe it to be part of the training. Training exercises have often been used to fool an enemy; it is not a far stretch to consider “the people” as an enemy who can be fooled by an exercise.
  • The militarization of police. Have you seen your local police force when they turn out for any large crowd lately? Who do you think paid for all that equipment and training? There is a law preventing the military from serving as law enforcement within US borders (posse comitatus) without express permission of Congress; the next best thing would be to turn local law enforcement, inherently able to operate with impunity, into a military-like force. This is what has happened since 9-11.
  • Democracy is an impediment, an obstacle to be overcome. There is no need for people to be involved in telling government what it can or cannot do. Luckily, the people don’t get much say anymore; now our system in one where corporations buy the government, not one where people vote for it. What a silly, old-fashioned idea: voting!
  • Increasing use of contractors as military/security equals less accountability, both legal and fiscal. Why use troops that can lead to embarrassing questions from constituents, when you can use taxpayer dollars to buy mercenaries instead? Why subject troops to Geneva Conventions and other maudlin rules of engagement, when you can hire Blackwater? Why detail expenditures in a budget when a single line item, “Contractors”, hides the truth so much better?
  • A new tactic has surfaced: concede incompetence to hide your real agenda. Better that people think you are a fool (right GWB?) than to let them know what you are up to. Besides, they’ll get distracted by American Idol or Monday Night Football soon enough; and blogging lets us feel like we have made a material difference in the world so we can get back to our real life… or not!

There are more impacts of September 11, including some very real concerns about ethics and morality, or the lack thereof in government these days. The point is, without acknowledging the government is pulling the wool over our eyes in their effort to take away our freedom, we can’t begin to highlight the abuses and oppression that is all the more real with each passing day. Questioning every word that emanates from any level of government is out only path to freedom. The sooner we step out onto that path, the easier it will be. Soon the path will disappear, forever.

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