At Ease

Joanna Macy tells us that there are three approaches to change:

  • Band-aid
  • New structure
  • Growth in consciousness

It is my intention that this blog will focus on changing our collective consciousness. Too often, we get bogged down in the muddy details and lose sight of our vision, of what is truly important to us. Our mind becomes dominant, with its naming, judging, planning and self-criticism. Our emotions react to media messages and relational conflict by flooding us with fear and anger. The small voice of our heart, source of our wisdom and inner guidance, is overwhelmed and can’t be heard over the din raised by our mind and emotions.

We can utilize practices to quiet our mind-chatter, and to calm the tsunami of feelings that threaten to sweep us away. We can become more cognizant of how we are distracted and asleep as we move through our day; we can wake up. You may already have some tools at your fingertips, or you might be happy to learn more. One new process that I recently came across is detailed in the pamphlet “The State of Ease” written by Doc Childre, founder of HeartMath. It is short, only a few pages long, and can be downloaded at

In it, he describes a method to use throughout your day as warranted, to reconnect to a state of coherence between you mind, emotions, and the wisdom of your heart. It is an energy-based concept, appropriate for people wishing to build more heart-warmth and deeper connection, both within themselves and with others. Later blog posts will point out other techniques that are useful to accomplish this goal.

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